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Schools That Teach Blockchain In The Middle East

Schools That Teach Blockchain In The Middle East

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by newseditor

No doubt, the edtech industry has advanced significantly over time. With growing adoption of digital currencies, blockchain and the metaverse, the need for blockchain schools that adopt related trending topics into their curriculum is higher. The result is that several UAE universities and colleges have started to adopt trending blockchain into their learning content

Why blockchain schools are necessary

Today, middle east schools have realized the advantages blockchain can bring to the educational system. Some of those benefits are accountability, openness, and increased participation in academic activities due to the relatability of the course content. Imagine learning about crypto exchanges, FTX crash, blockchain and NFTs right in the classroom and not just YouTube?. This has the potential to increase student’s engagement in school.

Recently, a cryptocurrency and blockchain organization was established in Abu Dhabi by the Crypto and Blockhain Association for the Middle East, Africa and Asia (MEAACBA) to advance the growth of the crypto and blockchain ecosystems in the region. This development affirms that blockchain has been well incorporated into the regional system.

As the world changes and with the benefits blockchain promises, it is only reasonable that Middle east blockchain schools are promoted, so students can gain foundational level knowledge of the sector. Traditional educational approaches may encounter difficulties due to the world becoming more technologically advanced.

Because Blockchain is a significant part of technology, teaching students about it will help them better grasp how it works. As a result, these students will be more prepared for the future of technology and can adapt this knowledge in the real world and business.

Middle East Schools that teach Blockchain

Amidst all blockchain’s advantages, Middle east schools can benefit from the secure and affordable sharing of academic resources on a public network, improved accountability provided by smart contracts, and adequate learning incentives. Blockchain technology is becoming included in educational curriculums due to its benefits. Here are a few Middle east blockchain schools you can check out:

1. The Raha International School :

Located in Abu Dhabi, it supports its pupils in the digital sphere by instructing them to take the artwork and on how to create NFT.

2. Repton School Al Barsha :

Found in Dubai, it teaches extensively on the metaverse and ensures pupils are aware of the digital environment so they can always protect themselves online.

3. The Citizens School :

This school in Dubai is regarded as the first institution to accept Bitcoin and Ether as payment for tuition. It ensures its students have a digital mindset by understanding financial literacy, the world of cryptocurrency, NFT, digital assets, and Blockchain.

4. The Abu Dhabi global market Academy:

The academy is set to launch a school of digital assets to advance blockchain education. This school seeks to provide programs on cryptocurrency, Blockchain, metaverse, and NFT.

5. The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center:

The blockchain IST center is at Bahcesehir University in Turkey. Here, significant development research is carried out, and blockchain technology-related studies and publications are generated.


Blockchain has created a massive revolution in the financial world. However, despite the potential benefits of blockchain, its adoption in the educational area may still need to be expanded. With more Middle east blockchain schools, we may be able to solve the problems of blockchain like security issues, increased cost, scalability, and difficulties in its adoption due to its lack of interoperability and complex procedures.

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