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Custody Provider Liminal Gets Approval in Abu Dhabi

Liminal, a Singapore-based custody services provider, achieved a significant milestone in its international expansion with regulatory approval in Abu Dhabi. According to representatives interviewed by CoinDesk, the firm’s subsidiary, First...
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Saudi Arabia Joins CBDC Project, mBridge.

The Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements recently announced that Saudi Arabia’s central bank has officially joined the central bank digital currencies (CBDC) project, mBridge. mBridge is a cross-border experiment with...
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DFSA Unveils Significant Revisions to Cryptocurrency Token Regulations

In a swift response to global regulatory changes, Dubai’s financial authorities are making amendments to their digital asset regime, signaling their commitment to staying up-to-date. This move is compelling industry...
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How Blockchain is Changing Commerce in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a business-friendly environment with low taxes. This makes it a top choice for companies to operate and maximize profits. Additionally, it’s strategically located between...
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Binance Expresses Optimism Regarding Potential Cryptocurrency Regulations In Saudi Arabia In 2024

Amid ongoing cryptocurrency discussions within Saudi Arabia’s government bodies, Binance’s Head of Development, Bandar AlTunisi, is optimistic about the potential emergence of “high-level” digital currency regulations in 2024. Fueled by...
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Blockchain Firm

Middle Eastern Prominent Blockchain Firms

The Middle East region remains a central hub and area for Web3 and blockchain technologies. The region continues to play a huge role in these technologies adoption. The Middle East...
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Bitcoin Mining

Oman’s Bitcoin Mining Effort: Newest Blockchain Hub In The Middle East:

Oman is making headlines in the Middle East with its recent foray into bitcoin mining. The country has established itself as a prominent player in the blockchain industry, with the...
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blockchain technology (2)

Building Blocks for Success: Enhancing Understanding for Greater Adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Region

As blockchain technology gains momentum, it presents tremendous opportunities for businesses and industries. However, to fully embrace its potential, a solid understanding of blockchain technology, its applications, and the factors...
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blockchain in Africa

Exploring the Phenomenal Growth of Blockchain Startups in Africa: a 429% Yoy Blockchain Funding Increase

Blockchain technology is sweeping across Africa, driving growth and innovation in ways never seen before. The African blockchain industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in funding, with a 429% year-over-year...
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Progress So Far Since MEAACBA Launch

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the crypto ecosystem has grown significantly. However, the crypto industry is still relatively new, compared to the traditional finance sector. This is why...
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