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Top Blockchain Companies in Qatar

Qatar is one of the technology-friendly countries in the Middle East. Additionally, the country has a welcoming environment for Information Technology (IT) companies. Global IT companies are setting up headquarters...
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Blockchain Potentials in UAE’s Voting Systems

The United Arab Emirates has a peculiar and functional voting system. The country rapidly adopted technologies like blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. These technologies have changed processes in different industries. With...
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Blockchain Applications in UAE Beyond Cryptocurrency 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a blockchain hub. In the last few years, the country has incorporated blockchain in different sectors. Many people hear blockchain, and their first thought...
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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are communities that employ blockchain technology for specific functions – usually to raise funds for an initiative or to engage in smart contract services. More than half...
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5 Social Media Platforms Utilizing Blockchain Technology

The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression._ William...
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5 Implications of Blockchain Blockhain’s revolution on Career Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as a global hub for innovation and technology in recent years, with blockchain technology playing an essential role in shaping its future. This revolutionary technology is transforming...
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5 Ways Women In Blockchain Have Helped Break Barriers In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, where traditional gender roles have long been entrenched, women in blockchain are spearheading a quiet revolution. Their presence and contributions are not only breaking barriers but also...
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Blockchain Updates: Bear Market Incoming?

Blockchain is the robust and reliable structure behind every cryptocurrency. It is a ledger that keeps secured and verifiable records of every transaction done in crypto within a network of...
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Binance Expresses Optimism Regarding Potential Cryptocurrency Regulations In Saudi Arabia In 2024

Amid ongoing cryptocurrency discussions within Saudi Arabia’s government bodies, Binance’s Head of Development, Bandar AlTunisi, is optimistic about the potential emergence of “high-level” digital currency regulations in 2024. Fueled by...
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A Guide on Revoking Smart Contract Access

When certain requirements are fulfilled, smart contracts—which operate independently on blockchains—become legally enforceable. The question is, can they be terminated or reversed? In this article, we explore how to revoke...
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