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How Blockchain is Changing Commerce in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a business-friendly environment with low taxes. This makes it a top choice for companies to operate and maximize profits. Additionally, it’s strategically located between...
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Bitcoin Mining

Oman’s Bitcoin Mining Effort: Newest Blockchain Hub In The Middle East:

Oman is making headlines in the Middle East with its recent foray into bitcoin mining. The country has established itself as a prominent player in the blockchain industry, with the...
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blockchain in Africa

Exploring the Phenomenal Growth of Blockchain Startups in Africa: a 429% Yoy Blockchain Funding Increase

Blockchain technology is sweeping across Africa, driving growth and innovation in ways never seen before. The African blockchain industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in funding, with a 429% year-over-year...
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Progress So Far Since MEAACBA Launch

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the crypto ecosystem has grown significantly. However, the crypto industry is still relatively new, compared to the traditional finance sector. This is why...
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blockchain leader in Middle East

5 Influential Blockchain Leaders in Middle East

No doubt, Middle East blockchain leaders are quite critical as adoption in the region continues to rise. While blockchain technology is still developing throughout the majority of the Middle East,...
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MEAACBA - The New Middle East Blockchain And Crypto Association Explained

MEAACBA – The New Middle East Blockchain And Crypto Association Explained

MEAACBA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support, enable, and grow blockchain and crypto ecosystems in the Middle East and other core regions. MEAACBA was officially launched on November 8...
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Schools That Teach Blockchain In The Middle East

Schools That Teach Blockchain In The Middle East

No doubt, the edtech industry has advanced significantly over time. With growing adoption of digital currencies, blockchain and the metaverse, the need for blockchain schools that adopt related trending topics...
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Blockchain Use Cases in the Middle East – 3 Areas Blockchain Can Disrupt

Now more than ever, more countries are beginning to recognize the endless opportunities that can be gotten through the adoption of blockchain technology. Importantly, the Middle East is not left...
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Why Decentralized finance in Asia should be driven by blockchain

Why Decentralized finance in Asia should be driven by blockchain?  

For many people, the mention of Asia triggers a presumption of technical competence— and rightfully so. The continent’s abundance of digital skills has been reinforced over the past decade. However,...
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Blockchain Infrastructure Can Revolutionize Green Finance in Asia

Climate change has become a major topic in recent years. Many countries are beginning to experience the effects of carbon emissions. For context, carbon emissions are the primary cause of...
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