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Key Blockchain Industries in Dubai

5 Key Industries Utilizing Blockchain in Dubai 

  Several places worldwide are waking up to the different ways blockchain can be used in various industries, and Dubai is undoubtedly one of those places. Initiatives such as healthcare,...
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How Blockchain Infrastructure Can Kickstart a Green Finance Revolution in Gulf Countries

How Blockchain Infrastructure Can Kickstart a Green Finance Revolution in Gulf Countries

Green finance has become a major global topic in recent years. This is because many countries are battling the severe effects of climate change. The Gulf countries have been particularly...
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Blockchain Technology

Threats to Blockchain Adoption in the Middle East

The adoption of blockchain technology has significantly increased in recent years. Many countries have realized the utility of blockchain, especially as a financial tool. The Middle East is not left...
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Charging Electric Vehicles Using Sustainable Energy Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has far-reaching implications that transcend beyond bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The technology has been explored by businesses across many industries. Blockchain technology is being utilized across a variety...
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4 Ways Blockchain May Change the Face of Banking

Although blockchain technology is popular for its use in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, its importance transcends beyond the crypto space. The disruptive technology has engulfed several industries and is changing...
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What Are The Problems With Blockchain Smart Contracts Today?

Smart contracts have been highly beneficial to the digital space. They have powered DeFi systems and the creation of an accessible financial system. Smart contracts have also enabled digital lending...
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Cryptocurrency is Changing the Face of Employment in the Middle East

Over the past years, the unemployment rate has increased globally. So many people are going out of jobs in seconds, and the economic system keeps getting worse. Currently, in the...
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How To Avoid Rug-pull Cryptocurrency Projects

How To Avoid Rug Pull Cryptocurrency Projects

In 2014, Onecoin Ltd launched a popular cryptocurrency. Operating on the immense success of BitCoin, OneCoin was easily accepted by the investing public. But, to everyone’s surprise, the founders suddenly...
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