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Potentials of Blockchain in Food Security in Saudi Arabia  

Technology is constantly changing. Still, blockchain technology has stood out as an innovation that is constantly changing industries and businesses worldwide. Even with all the changes it has birthed, this...
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Blockchain Solutions in Carbon Emission Tracking in UAE

Carbon emissions releases contributes to environmental changes that pose significant health risks for humans. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, carbon dioxide accounts for more than 80 percent of...
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The Potentials of Blockchain in the Oil and Gas Industry

Blockchain technology has provided solutions in various industries, and the oil and gas industry is no different. This technology can improve efficiency, transparency, and security. Why Blockchain in the Oil...
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Blockchain Solutions for Food Supply Chain

There is little to no room for any error to be made in the food sector. One little error in the food supply chain might result in large expenses that...
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5 Tips For Implementing Blockchain In Enterprise Solutions In The Middle East

Blockchain technology has become a disruptive force in the corporate world, offering efficiency, security, and transparency to various sectors. Businesses in the Middle East are starting to realize how blockchain...
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Time has proven that Blockchain is one of the greatest innovations of this century. It is a transparent, secured and unalterable record of transactions. It is also interesting that Blockchain...
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Top 5 Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare in the Middle East  

Since Bitcoin was released, blockchain has been touted as one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st Century. However, blockchain is much more than crypto’s enabling technology. Global stakeholders...
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Blockchain in Trade Finance 

Since blockchain technology came into the mainstream, we have seen many industries adopt the technology to solve problems and make processes easier. The technology has completely transformed businesses, especially those...
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Blockchain: Blockchain ETFs vs. Bitcoin ETFs – Understanding the Differences

Blockchain exchange-traded funds and Bitcoin exchange-traded funds are terms that are popularly known especially by people enthusiastic about the blockchain. However, people tend to wrongly use both terms interchangeably. Although...
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Blockchain ETF 101: Definition, Criticism, and Examples

Mostly recognized for its role in upholding decentralised records of bitcoin exchanges, blockchain technology can be applied in a range of sectors with various use cases. In addition, Blockchain exchange-traded...
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