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7 Engaging Blockchain Communities to Catch-up with Latest Trends

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Blockchain has proven over time that it is here to stay, and several global stakeholders have acknowledged it. Experts have predicted that blockchain will likely become the world’s future technology. With several changes and volatility in technology, it has become essential to remain abreast of happenings and trends that may develop. Several blockchain communities have been established to update the latest trends in the blockchain industry constantly. For every stakeholder with a vested interest in technology, a blockchain community is a must to stay on top of changes. This article has curated seven engaging blockchain communities with the latest trends and updates.

What are Seven Engaging Blockchain Communities with Latest Trends


Created in 2013, CoinDesk is an engaging and popular blockchain community designed to promote global engagement for transforming blockchain currency and the emergency of the cryptocurrency industry. The platform has unique features like current news, coin prices, events, media, and data and indices to promote cryptocurrency investment. The community has also made a name for itself with regular features on The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and many other reputable platforms! Asides from its regular industry events and webinar, the community has more than 13 million monthly viewers and a record 20,000 attendees.


BitcoinTalk is a general forum for discussing hot topics in the blockchain space, particularly concerning Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcointalk has many forums and communities, but its Bitcoin Discussion forum has more than 255,000 posts on about 98,000 topics. A sign-in or login is required for a person to participate in the discussion. However, the posts, trends, and discussion can merely be viewed by a person as a guest without needing an account. BitcoinTalk was founded in 2009 courtesy of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin developer, and it has since remained home to a community of persons interested in Blockchain technology and the latest trends in the industry.

AltCrypto Talk

In search platform that consistently provides blockchain trading knowledge, Newsletters, updates, and crypto markets guides? AltCrypto Talk has got you covered. The venue is home to recent updates and cryptocurrency news in a simplified and short manner. It provides strategies for maintaining profits in the blockchain industry and protecting themselves from the risk that comes with cryptocurrency. Although not your traditional blockchain platform, AltCrypto Talk is great for understanding and keeping up with the latest trends in blockchain communities.

Forbes Crypto

Indeed, Forbes has become a giant, and its crypto and blockchain arm is no exception. The Forbes Crypto provides up-to-date trends and news about cryptocurrency and blockchain. It also has an advisor that is a go-to destination for expert reviews on crypto coins and trading and updates regarding market cap and charts on digital assets and cryptocurrency prices. As the cherry on the top, Forbes crypto offers ingenuous ways to utilize blockchain-derived mechanisms to save and invest money.


The Coin Telegraph offers news, updates about policies and regulations, market trends and caps, an encyclopedia for cryptocurrency, videos, podcasts, press releases, and more. The CoinTelegraph was founded in 2013 primarily to cover directions and updates on blockchain tech nobly and cryptocurrency assets. At the platform’s core, CoinTelegraph prioritizes accuracy and promptness in delivering news relating to decentralized technology and its centralized counterpart. It has stations worldwide and is managed by a team of efficient authors to bring people up-to-date at light’s speed on happening in several fields not limited to only blockchain but Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Computing.

Chainlink Forum

The ChainLink Forum is a wide range of communities offered by ChainLink. It spans platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and even a ChainLink blog where users can primarily discuss and chat on the latest trends and possible opinions about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. ChainLink also has an annual programming event called SmartCon which is, as the name implies – a workshop and activities events for the blockchain and technology industry.

Cosmos Community

Cosmos Community is a platform that allows people to discover; attest trends in the blockchain industry, share their knowledge, or add that to pre-existing knowledge. It is a community renowned for being a fast-growing platform for global developers and innovators worldwide. It has Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and GitHub forums. Cosmos Community also offers workshops, and activities designed to help developers and promote knowledge of the blockchain industry and the Internet of Things (IoT)


The communities and platforms above are just a few examples of the numerous communities that exist to provide updates and broader perspectives on the blockchain industry and any other product in the blockchain ecosystem. They are perfect for research and can bring fun and engaging knowledge to one’s fingertips.

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