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5 Blockchain Trends to Expect in 2024

There is no doubt that blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technological developments of the 21st Century. The underlying infrastructure of blockchain was revolutionary because of its security. Blockchain...
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Blockchain Research Companies/Centers in The Middle East

Blockchain technology emerged as a game-changing force and industries with its transparent, safe, and decentralized approach. It drove innovations in supply chain management, healthcare, finance, and many other areas. As...
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Metaverse Technologies (1)

The Future of Healthcare in the Metaverse: A Projected Multi-Billion Dollar Industry:

With new technology emerging every day, our world is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. Healthcare is just one industry that has seen a significant transformation from technology. The healthcare...
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Middle East gaming

Blockchain Gaming and Web3 in Saudi Arabia

In the past couple of years, Saudi Arabia has been positioning itself to be a key player in the Middle Eastern region nation. This comes from the intersection of Web3...
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_blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology and the Future of Banking and Financial Services in the Middle East:

In the Middle East, recent technologies and global trends have pushed changes and evolution in the banking and financial space. Many top financial institutions have made sizeable investments to improve...
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Web 3.0 Law

Understanding Web 3.0 Law and Its Implications for Your Business

Web 3.0 has welcomed a new era that is driving the rapid evolution of technology. In this era, the principles of decentralization and blockchain technology take center stage. However, this...
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AI-Powered Solutions

Safeguarding Brands in Web3: The Role of AI-Powered Solutions Against IP Fraud:

In the constantly changing world of technology and innovation, the introduction of Web3 and blockchain technologies offer revolutionary potential and unprecedented obstacles for brand protection and intellectual property (IP) rights....
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Aptos Labs

Microsoft Collaborates with Aptos Labs to Develop Innovative Blockchain AI Solutions:

In the technology sector, artificial intelligence has won over people’s hearts, minds, and wallets. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Microsoft , which has a number of AI-related projects...
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Blockchain Communities

7 Engaging Blockchain Communities to Catch-up with Latest Trends

Blockchain has proven over time that it is here to stay, and several global stakeholders have acknowledged it. Experts have predicted that blockchain will likely become the world’s future technology....
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Next Big Thing in Blockchain

5 Predictions on the Next Big Thing in Blockchain

Blockchain is a database that records transactions without needing a third party to confirm them. A peer-to-peer network distributes it, and cryptography protects it. Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta...
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