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5 Best Places to Learn About Blockchain 2024

Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

One of the most substantial developments in the tech industry is blockchain technology. The importance of blockchain to cryptocurrency systems bitcoin has earned it widespread recognition. This recognition has led to the creation of various platforms and websites to learn about blockchain. With blockchain’s constant expansion, the Middle East has become an active user of this technology. Several schools in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been known to include this technology in their curriculum. However, king Saud university has stood out as one of the best blockchain places after it was the only school representing the middle east in the list of best universities for blockchain 2022.

Why should you learn about blockchain?

One main reason you should learn about blockchain is its promising application in the industrial sector. Many industries, including healthcare, real estate, and energy, have started incorporating blockchain as their computing technologies. Additionally, blockchain provides security for individuals and their online activities. Blockchain technology is developed to ensure information is safely distributed to its rightful owners. Therefore, it ensures privacy, protection of digital identities and safe digital transactions.

Lastly, blockchain engineers and developers are in great demand due to the development of blockchain technology. Hence, learning about blockchain can create a promising and rewarding career for individuals.

Best Places to learn about blockchain

Blockchain has gained attention since its inception, leading to a high demand for certified Blockchain developers and architects. So if you’re looking to pursue a career in blockchain or to learn about blockchain? Here are 5 best places to learn about blockchain online or physically.

1. Udemy. Inc:

This is a large open online course provider. Udemy organizes courses into several modules and lessons, including videos, written notes, and evaluation exams. You can learn about blockchain technology, its operation, and how to become a blockchain developer here. What differentiates Udemy from online platforms like YouTube is that you can receive certifications which can be added to job resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

2. Massachusetts institute of technology:

MIT is one of the top respected research universities in the world. MIT provides several blockchain courses, with recognition by employers and institutions. Some of these include blockchain courses designed for MIT students, online courses for people that want to learn about blockchain and professional courses for working executives.

3. 101 Blockchains Academy:

This is said to be one of the best websites to learn about blockchain. It offers both free and paid blockchain courses and focuses on practical blockchain professional training and certification programs.

4. Coursera:

This website helps individuals get professional certifications in various industries. To assist you in learning and creating your blockchain, Coursera provides blockchain courses that are affordable and certified. Compared to going to a university, an online course on Coursera is cheaper, with options for scholarships.

5. King Saud University:

This is a major university in the Middle East that can teach you about blockchain. Although it is well known for its medical program, king Saud university has stood out due to its impact on blockchain research.


Learning about blockchain is challenging. However, many resources have been made available to help people learn about blockchain. With the provided sources above, you can learn about blockchain in no time.

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