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Tips to Start a Career in Blockchain Technology

Tips to Start a Career in Blockchain Technology

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB are established on blockchain technology. Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain usage has been adapted to several industries and sectors to perform numerous functions. No doubt, blockchain is here to stay.

What is Blockchain technology?

Mr Alex Tapscott, in his book titled “Blockchain Revolution”(2016), defined Blockchain as “a trustworthy digital ledger that keeps a record of transactions and can be programmed to track not only financial transactions but everything else that is valuable”. Blockchain is a database that records similar to digitalized records of contracts, transactions, and others. Blockchain is useful in numerous ways, such as maintaining decentralized and secure records of cryptocurrency transactions, security and privacy, tokenization, etc.

With Blockchain, you can start a career as a blockchain developer, blockchain architect, blockchain developer, blockchain consultant, blockchain project manager and several others.

How does blockchain technology work?

Blockchain works similarly to a Google spreadsheet. It is connected to the Internet, and each time a transaction occurs, the details are automatically updated and recorded on the spreadsheet. You can easily access the spreadsheet on any electronic device, e.g., phones, laptops, etc. It also has a feature that allows anyone to view or add transactions to the spreadsheet. However, you cannot edit information already contained in it.

Tips to start a career in Blockchain

In starting a career in Blockchain, these tips could help.

1. Enrol in blockchain courses. It will help you understand Blockchain’s basics and fundamentals and all it entails.

2. Acquaint yourself with blockchain terms. Terms such as decentralized apps, smart contracts, etc., will be used often. Knowing these terms will help you use them practically with regard to Blockchain.

3. Engage in blockchain events, programs and conferences. It will help expose you to experts in this industry that will assist you and stimulate your growth.

4. Work on your skills in cryptography. Cryptography is a major skill needed in Blockchain. You should build the skills that are required.

5. Develop credible programming expertise. In becoming a blockchain professional, programming is required. For example, you will need programming in the creation of smart contracts.

6. Get blockchain certifications. Blockchain certification provides proof of your expertise in Blockchain. It helps people see and know that you have all the basic skills required for Blockchain and how to use it.

7. Keep widening your knowledge of Blockchain. Take more courses, and watch videos about Blockchain on YouTube. It will increase your knowledge and help you stay in touch on Blockchain.

Skills needed to start a career in Blockchain technology

To start a career in Blockchain, you might need some or all of the following skills:

• Programming, including Java, C+, Python, and others.

• Cybersecurity

• Cryptography

• Data structures

• Mathematical knowledge

• Economic and financial expertise


The possibilities of Blockchain are seemingly endless. This article has highlighted the most important tips and has broadened your knowledge of all that you need for you to start your career in Blockchain. What are you waiting for? It is time to grab your opportunity and revolutionize the world by starting your career in blockchain technology.

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