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Yuga Labs Reveals Collaborative Partners for the Otherside Development:

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Yuga Labs, well-known for its active involvement in Web3 projects such as the honored Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks, has lately announced key agreements targeted at pushing the growth of Otherside. Otherside, an interoperable metaverse platform aims to give users a community-driven experience that spans numerous platforms such as online, 3D environments, and mobile interfaces.

Several companies are ready to make significant contributions to the growth of Otherside. For instance, Hadean, a spatial technology company, is committed to developing high-density simulation and networking solutions to improve the virtual experience’s fidelity. Meanwhile, AccelByte will provide a scalable and extendable backend platform.

Bad Rhino Studios will contribute to this joint effort by leveraging the expertise of its developers, designers, artists, and engineers to create dynamic and socially interactive virtual experiences for participants. Faraway, on the other hand, will concentrate on creating interesting gameplay experiences moment-to-moment. Otherside’s General Manager, Eric Reid, stressed their connection with Otherside Metaverse’s aim of an interoperable platform supporting the community’s interests.

Eric Reid went on to emphasize the main goal of Otherside Metaverse, which is to empower individuals to accomplish their creative, experiential, and economic dreams. This purpose emphasizes the need for strong collaboration with creators and technologists in realizing the Otherside vision.

Introducing Otherside Metaverse: A Closer Look

Otherside, a metaverse in the works by Yuga Labs—the company behind the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs—allows players to own a piece of the virtual world using Otherdeed NFTs. It incorporates NFT characters not just from the company but also from other platforms.

The metaverse, which is divided into five distinct locations, offers a compelling environment filled with storylines and quests where users can interact with non-playable characters and obtain resources. Otherside offers developers open data kits (ODKs), which enable the usage of Otherside’s data in various apps and permit gamers to use their NFTs in a variety of games and platforms. ODKs are designed for cross-platform interoperability.

Yuga Labs has significantly increased its commitment to The Otherside and the metaverse as a whole with the new strategic alliances. The Otherside might become a focal point for imaginative and communal experiences in the metaverse by assembling a staff of gaming and technological professionals.


Yuga Labs has emphasized its dedication to openly developing Otherside Metaverse and pledged to share everything, including demos and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Real-time input from creators and the community will also help the company improve the platform. In addition, Yuga Labs serves on the board of directors of OMA3, an organization of web3 metaverse platform developers dedicated to openness and interoperability. No doubt, by involving a number of international partners in the project, they hope to transform Otherside into a true innovation enabler and return control to the artists and the community.

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