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5 Useful Resources for Building Expertise in Blockchain Development in 2022

5 Useful Resources for Building Expertise in Blockchain Development in 2024

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Rapid technological advancement has spurred blockchain proliferation across various sectors. Inevitably, this spread of blockchain has translated to increased demand for experts. People worldwide actively seek experts to perform the blockchain’s technical tasks, from blockchain development to trading and investment. Unfortunately, the opportunities are a lot, but there are only a few experts to take advantage of them. If you want to carve a niche for yourself as a blockchain expert, below are five valuable resources to aid your expertise journey.

What are 5 Useful Resources for Building Expertise in Blockchain Development

Blockchain experts are professionals from whom specific knowledge, abilities, and skills are expected. Luckily, becoming a blockchain expert has never been as easy as in 2022. A host of resources can help your expertise journey and move towards learning. Here are some of them.


One cannot completely extinguish the importance of courses to reach expertise. These courses help streamline the specific path to build knowledge and provide practical teachings on the chosen area (s). Courses are also a sure way to get certified as an expert, which undoubtedly aids your foray into the blockchain job market. Examples of brilliant courses to build expertise include Blockchain A-Z for making your First Blockchain by Udemy and Introduction to Blockchain Technologies offered by Insead.

Blockchain Jargons

Blockchain is a complex dimension requiring experts (established or aspiring) to always be on their toes. A soon-to-be expert must also have an adequate grasp of fundamental concepts and terminologies relating to blockchain. Instances of that will include knowledge about real-time blockchain applications, the functioning of consensus protocols and other professional concepts like cryptography, Ethereum, DApps, Smart Contract, and so on.

Web Development

In reality, it is impossible to downplay the role of web development in blockchain expertise. An expert will need the minimum programming or web development skills to advance their expertise. Web development knowledge will include understanding the creation of web applications using languages like C and C#, and also proficiency in programming languages including Python, Java, C++ and JavaScript.

Technological Trends

It may be considered foolhardy for an expert not to keep up with technological trends and happenings regarding blockchain. Extensive reading, certifications, video learning, podcasts, and blogs are great ways to keep up with the industry and continually build knowledge. Several online platforms readily offer hands-on learning and practice in any of the programming languages above.


It is not enough to have the requisite knowledge about the intricacies of blockchain; it is essential to put to the test all that you have learnt, and what better way to do this than boot camps? Several boot camps are organized yearly to improve tech skills and practice theoretical knowledge. These opportunities are a perfect way to develop your programming and cryptonymic skills essential for your blockchain expertise.


When blockchain is opined to be the potential new oil, it is ill-advised to be without the requisite knowledge of the technology. For those that would like to make a singular career out of it, this article has rightly detailed the essentials needed for the blockchain expertise.

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