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Top Blockchain Companies in Israel 

Israel is a key player in the digital space globally. Hence, Israel’s blockchain industry has recorded growth in the last few years. Many companies in different industries in the country are applying the technology in different areas.

Blockchain Companies in Israel

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a semiconductor company dedicated to disruptive blockchain and privacy hardware. Chaos Labs developed an automated economic security system for crypto protocols. Its automated economic security system for crypto protocols uses advanced monitoring and simulations. It provides protocols with custom and automated economic security tools that ensure a protocol’s durability and stability in any market condition.


Greeneum is a decentralized platform that uses cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, smart contracts, and targeted machine learning (AI), to create a highly reliable, comprehensive, and potentially limitless data platform for the renewable energy market. The company rewards users for contributing to an eco-friendly future. 


Simplex is an AI-based crypto payment and fraud prevention solution for businesses. Additionally, it offers a global fiat onramp for debit and credit card transactions. Moreover, it provides escrow services for various fiat-crypto transactions.


Colu is a technology that allows programmers to access colored coins and Bitcoin 2.0 infrastructure through an application programming interface (API). Colu is creating a metadata layer on top of basic Bitcoin transactions, which traditionally only record the volume or amount of Bitcoin exchanged. With Colu, application developers can incorporate blockchain-based approvals into any transaction. Thus, Colu allows for the exchange of digital currency and real-world objects like keys, tickets, titles, deeds, etc.


YOOM offers a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling NFTs focused on metaverse properties. It integrates real humans into the digital world using advanced volumetric technology and AI technology.

Bancor Protocol

Bancor Protocol is a smart contract-based token exchange for decentralized trading without the need for matchmaking to convert one token to another. This protocol aims to provide a platform for creating new types of monetary systems, applications, currency networks, and more.


Zengo offers a keyless cryptocurrency mobile wallet that replaces private wallet keys with open-source threshold cryptography and distributed servers. Zengo application works on both Android and iOS devices.

Final Words 

Israel is a country that prioritizes and invests heavily in digitization. Also, the country is home to numerous blockchain companies. Some of these companies include Yoom, Chain Reaction, Colu, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the Father of the Blockchain?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the father of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

What Cryptocurrency Companies are in Israel?

Some of the cryptocurrency companies in Israel include CoTrader, Flambu, etc.

Which Countries Are Best for Blockchain Companies?

The best countries to open a blockchain company include Singapore, UAE, Switzerland, Malta, Israel, etc. 

What Crypto Exchange Works in Israel?

Crypto exchanges that work in Israel include Binance, Kraken, Coinmama, Gemini, etc.

Which Country is Leading in Blockchain Adoption?

Countries leading in blockchain adoption are El Salvador, USA, Singapore, UAE, etc.

Which Country is the Hub of Blockchain in the Middle East?

The UAE is a leading hub of blockchain in the Middle East.

Which Country owns Blockchain?

No country exclusively owns blockchain technology.

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