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Tips to Learn Blockchain Technology From Scratch in the Middle East

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

According to CoinDesk research, blockchain technology will continue to develop exponentially in the next years. What does this mean? It means there will be an even greater demand for learning about blockchain technology among newcomers and enthusiasts worldwide. The blockchain frenzy has hit the Middle East as hard as the rest of the world, and it is leaving its imprint across the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates and its other regions. As a result, more people are now looking to educate themselves on the technology in response to the growth in demand for blockchain specialists.

Understanding the Basics: Where Do I Start Learning About Blockchain Technology?

For Blockchain technology to make any sense to you, you need to start right at the beginning. Because blockchain technology is a distributed ledger, you need to know how peer-to-peer networks work. You also need to know about the Blockchain consensus mechanism, which is one of the most important parts of blockchain technology. Start from the basic concepts associated with blockchain technology, and then you can gradually work your way up.

One of the ideal places to start learning blockchain is via online resources if you’re trying to do so from scratch. Blockchain technology courses are available for free or at a minimal cost on a number of websites, including Coursera, Udemy, and edX. You will gain a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and its applications from taking these courses. Furthermore, for more advanced learning of blockchain in the Middle East, there are numerous universities there that provide courses and programs on blockchain technology.

Participating in workshops, conferences, and events is another factor that can boost your understanding of blockchain in the Middle East. These conferences bring together specialists and industry professionals and offer chances for education, networking, and teamwork. There are various blockchain events in the Middle East, including the Dubai Blockchain Expo and the Saudi Arabia Blockchain Conference.

Consider joining a blockchain community or organization to boost your learning experience. These organizations serve as a venue for individuals to interact, share expertise, and work on blockchain projects. The Middle East Blockchain Association is a great example of such a group. Bitcoin Dubai, Government Blockchain Association UAE, Blockchain Educators | Riyadh, and more are examples of these organizations.

Also, applying what you have learned is crucial. Think about getting involved in blockchain projects or developing your own blockchain-based software. You will learn valuable skills and deepen your grasp of blockchain technology thanks to this practical experience.


Blockchain in the Middle East is developing quickly, and learning blockchain well enough is essential for individuals looking to stay ahead in their careers. You can take the first step toward mastering blockchain technology by following these suggestions; utilizing online resources, going to conferences and workshops, joining blockchain groups, and applying what you have learned. The secret is to be committed to and persistent throughout your learning process.

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