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The most in-demand and best-paid blockchain jobs in 2022

The Most In Demand And Best Paid Blockchain Jobs In 2024

Last Updated on January 30, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Blockchain is one of the biggest emerging IT innovations in the Middle East today. The job market is constantly evolving due to advancements in the blockchain tech sector. Who knew there would be something like blockchain, the decentralised web, or bitcoin a hundred years ago?

The career paths in demand in the 19th century are different from those in demand today. The jobs that will be highly desired in the future are hard to predict. Nevertheless, with industry trends and current labour statistics in the Middle East and Asia, we can tell the best blockchain jobs available today.

As the blockchain network is now more secure and decentralised, these jobs offer high salaries, fast career growth, and high demand in 2024.

If you are wondering, here are the highest-paid blockchain jobs today:

Most In-Demand And Best Paid Blockchain Jobs In 2024

Blockchain analyst

Blockchain analysts can either be business or risk analysts. This profession involves gathering, processing, and analysing statistical and qualitative data to find patterns and draw meaningful synthesis from them. It is one of the highest-paid blockchain jobs. Additionally, it requires extensive blockchain technical competencies, analytical skills, data science tools, and programming languages like Python.

Blockchain Programmer

Companies and Fintech in the Middle East interested in blockchain will require programmers, making this the most in-demand career path. This job involves code development across different technical domains, blockchain architecture, data structure, and expertise in programming languages. In addition, deep knowledge of cloud programming, database, and ledger technologies will also be essential to thrive as a blockchain programmer.

Blockchain Project Manager

There is a massive market for this blockchain profile focused on functional analysis, design, planning, and monitoring for blockchain project development. While knowledge of programming language is hardly required, this individual needs a high understanding of technology, cryptocurrency, management, and the industry.

Blockchain Architect

This job role is highly skilled and technical, making it one of the highest-paying roles. Here, there is a need to design and create architectures of blockchain solutions at a domain and enterprise level. Therefore, an interested person should consider getting higher degrees like a master’s or certification to enter this role.

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