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5 Tips For Implementing Blockchain In Enterprise Solutions In The Middle East

Blockchain technology has become a disruptive force in the corporate world, offering efficiency, security, and transparency to various sectors. Businesses in the Middle East are starting to realize how blockchain...
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5 Ways Blockchain Ensures Data Security In Financial Transactions In The Middle East

Ensuring data security is critical in the dynamic world of financial transactions. The Middle East is using blockchain technology more and more as a reliable way to protect confidential data....
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How Blockchain Technology Can Reduce Food Waste and Address Global Hunger

Approximately one-third of the world’s food is wasted or lost, according to UN estimates, as a result of hygiene regulations not being followed, improper storage, and delays in transit. Just...
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Web3 Apps

Essential Web3 Apps and Products Redefining the Digital Landscape.

People and organizations from a variety of industries are very interested in exploring what Web3 has yet to offer. Web3 apps are on a promising path as the metaverse, DeFi,...
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DLT Foundations

Comprehensive Overview of ADGM’s New DLT Regulations:

The Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Registration Authority (RA) recently implemented Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Foundations Regulations 2023  These regulations allow for the smooth creation of a “DLT Foundation.” It...
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VRC standard

Roland Berger and The DFINITY Foundation’s Blockchain-Powered VRC Initiative:

Roland Berger has established a partnership with The DFINITY Foundation. This partnership comes after Roland Berger announced the adoption of the Voluntary Recycling Credits (VRC) standard to address the expanding...
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small businesses

How Small Businesses In The Middle East Can Leverage Blockchain

Blockchain is a potent tool that small firms in the Middle East may use to redefine operations and promote growth in the ever-evolving world of business and technology.  Improved Security...
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Decentralizing Key Elements: Ethereum L2 Starknet’s Objective in Scaling Network Infrastructure:

As part of its zero-knowledge (ZK) proof roll-up solution, Starknet has revealed plans to enhance the decentralization of three essential components of the Ethereum layer-2 scaling network. Ilia Volokh, Product...
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Blockchain Cryptography

Blockchain Cryptography: An Insight Into Secured Transactions On Blockchain Networks

Have you ever got a notification that your email has been accessed without your knowledge? Perhaps you have had a belonging taken without permission. The feeling afterwards is gutting and...
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Blockchain Technology

Emerging Global Projects Utilizing Blockchain Technology

All the world’s a stage, and blockchain technology has become a key player. This saying remains true about blockchain technology. Since the first public unveiling of the technology in 2009,...
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