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In What Ways Is Blockchain Being Used By The UAE To Empower Its Citizens

In What Ways Is Blockchain Being Used By The UAE To Empower Its Citizens

Blockchain is demonstrating its transformative power. Blockchain allows users to regain control. Governments, businesses, and other entities have been exploring blockchain technology for the last several years and are currently...
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A Blockchain Solution: Saving The World-Fixing Waste Management And Recycling

A Blockchain Solution: Saving The World, Fixing Waste Management, And Recycling

Lakes and landfills have long been contaminated with plastic litter that is difficult to decompose due to ineffective waste management systems. It is horrifyingly disturbing how much rubbish there is...
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UAE’s Ministry of Health Launches Blockchain Platform

Blockchain technology offers a wide range of benefits in the medical sector. Blockchain in healthcare helps by bursting the expenditure bubble, protecting patient records, and improving the overall experience. Everything...
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Binance to Adopt a Phased Approach to Launching Products and Services in Dubai

Binance plans to collaborate with policymakers in the UAE to build a regulatory framework as it appears to adopt a phased approach. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange will initially sell...
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Binance Approval In Abu Dhabi – What This Means For Blockchain In The Middle East

Located in the heart of the Middle East’s prime center, Abu Dhabi is UAE’s capital. This city remains the second-most populous city in the country after Dubai. In March this...
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How Dubai’s Virtual Asset Law Could Be a Global Model for Cryptocurrency Regulation

Dubai is moving towards becoming a digital hub globally to encourage international investments and economic growth. It has announced its virtual asset law as a global model for regulating cryptocurrency....
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Dubai Blockchain Strategy: A New Wave of Digital Innovation

Blockchain is a distributed, irreversible, and authentic database that records all the information related to financial transactions, tangible assets, agreements, and supply chain information. It creates a secure network with...
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Dubai Cyber Security Strategy: An Approach to Fight Cyber Threats

Technological advancements and cyberspace leave a significant influence on us. From the public and business sectors to individuals, every aspect of society has been greatly impacted by the internet expansion....
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Dubai’s First School To Accept Cryptocurrencies For Payment Claims

Blockchain has had an influence on a variety of industries, including education. The education industry was keen to adapt to digitalization during COVID-19. Education is a field where cryptocurrency is...
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