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UAE’s Ministry of Health Launches Blockchain Platform

Last Updated on February 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Blockchain technology offers a wide range of benefits in the medical sector. Blockchain in healthcare helps by bursting the expenditure bubble, protecting patient records, and improving the overall experience. Everything from securely encrypting healthcare data to managing disease outbreaks is currently possible with this technology.

Observing this growing technology in the healthcare sector, UAE has also joined the race by launching the first ever digital platform for storing healthcare data. In a new initiative, the MoHAP App will help speed the research of health centers, licensed medical professionals, and their skills. Blockchain’s ability to maintain an incorruptible, transparent, and streamlined record of patient information makes it suitable for security applications.

The MoHAP Platform Stores Data On a Blockchain

MoHAP has created the world’s first sophisticated and technologically advanced data storage solution. In partnership with the Dubai Healthcare City, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, and other relevant health agencies, the project was completed. It will allow storing data related to health practitioners, pharmaceutical facilities, and medication information. The Blockchain platform will enable the MoHAP and other healthcare departments to increase operational efficiency. Blockchain technology makes it nearly impossible to imitate, alter, or fabricate data since it is reliable, secure, and promotes overall accountability. It offers a range of opportunities, the most important of which is the interchange, storage, and accessibility of healthcare data between linked parties.

Enhancing The UAE’s AI Strategy with AI Integration into Health Services

The ministry has launched this project in compliance with the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of UAE to integrate AI into the healthcare industry. Users can easily find health facilities and licensed medical or technical employees using the MoHAP application. Further, the initiative would enable healthcare officials to operate more efficiently. Comprehensive access to healthcare data will increase medical tourism in the country. Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri said the artificial intelligence-enabled initiative will expand the capacities of health care and deliver smart healthcare solutions as part of the UAE’s Centennial 2071 goal and in keeping with its artificial intelligence policy. The platform will encourage the creation of an immutable, and decentralized database with enhanced protection for data authenticity.

Benefiting Users in Different Ways 

Blockchain will serve as a stepping stone for patients to access healthcare services. MoHAP’s application will provide users with access to the blockchain platform. Users will be able to easily contact public or private health practitioners and get data regarding health and pharmaceuticals. MoHAP’s solution appears to be more than just a health data blockchain. It will serve as registration for healthcare personnel and centers, allowing government entities to verify them more easily. Users can also look for details about the medication, such as the supplier and how to get the medicines. The most prevalent technology in the solution appears to be artificial intelligence (AI). This cutting-edge platform offers the most advanced e-healthcare services to every user in the region.

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