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Microsoft Collaborates with Aptos Labs to Develop Innovative Blockchain AI Solutions:

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

In the technology sector, artificial intelligence has won over people’s hearts, minds, and wallets. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Microsoft

, which has a number of AI-related projects underway, is attempting to increase its presence in the field.

With the help of Microsoft’s (MSFT) AI technologies, Aptos Labs, a layer one blockchain startup founded by former Facebook engineers to revive the company’s shelved Diem project (formerly Libra), is expanding its tools and services.

The announcement caused the Aptos token (APT) to increase by nearly 15%, reaching $7.70.

Joint Efforts Between Aptos Labs And Microsoft

According to an announcement issued on Wednesday, Aptos is using Microsoft’s infrastructure to introduce new products that integrate blockchain technology and AI. One of these products is a chatbot dubbed Aptos Assistant that will respond to user inquiries about the Aptos ecosystem and offer resources to programmers creating smart contracts and decentralized apps. The Azure OpenAI Service from Microsoft powers the chatbot.

Mo Shaikh, the CEO of Aptos, noted in a statement that the generational advancements that blockchain technology and AI represent are hastening their partnership. He emphasized their great contribution to the development of the internet and societal change.

Additionally, Aptos Labs is working to integrate its own Move programming language with GitHub’s Copilot service. This integration seeks to offer support for activities like contract development, unit testing, formatting, and prover specifications.

According to Rashmi Misra, general manager of AI and emerging technologies at Microsoft, they are combining the technology of Aptos Labs and the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service. The objective is to democratize blockchain technology usage, allowing for a seamless transition to Web3 and developing creative, decentralized applications that use AI.

The two companies also consider blockchain-based financial service offerings, including asset tokenization, payment options, and perhaps even central bank digital currencies. Aptos will manage validator nodes on the Microsoft Azure platform as part of this agreement, boosting network security.

Microsoft and Aptos Labs are working closely to make these features a reality, according to a spokeswoman for Aptos. The spokesman underlined that this cooperation had been a team effort from the start, with Microsoft’s AI team working closely with Aptos Labs’ team of AI experts, Ph.D.s, and Web3 developers.

The teams are actively involved in building models, combining AI technology with Aptos’ blockchain, and integrating it into the Aptos Assistant and GitHub components. They are also working on the best resources for visitors and developers who want to learn more about building on Aptos or the larger Aptos ecosystem.


The surge in adoption of AI technology among blockchain developers in recent months, driven by the remarkable success of tools like ChatGPT, has certainly prompted venture capitalists to focus on AI increasingly. As a result, the integration of AI has become crucial for fundraising and attracting tech talent. Microsoft and Aptos are both contributing greatly to the efforts to grow its ecosystem.

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