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5 Ways Blockchain Is Combating Fraud Across The Middle East

Although fraud is still a problem in many Middle Eastern industries, new approaches using blockchain technology are making a big dent in the problem.  5 Practical Ways Blockchain Is Fighting...
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metaverse virtual reality

Exploring The Dark Side Of Metaverse Virtual Reality – Best Ways To Protect Yourself:

The concept of the metaverse holds the potential to revolutionize our interactions and technological engagement. Nonetheless, as with any innovation, it carries its share of potential drawbacks, hazards, and crime...
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Scam Coins

Report Reveals Over 500 Scam Tokens Targeting Coinbase’s Incubated Base Blockchain:

Coinbase just launched “Base” to foster a developer ecosystem focused on building decentralized features for its users. While Base is intended to improve the exchange’s functionality and encourage increased consumer...
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digital currencies

Top 5 Blockchain Trends to Discover in 2024

Despite what most people believe, blockchain is currently used in more applications than cryptocurrency. Numerous sectors are enthusiastically adopting this invention. Blockchain has previously been used in supply chains, healthcare,...
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Web3 Security

Understanding Web3 Security Identifying Risks and Using Protective Tools

As the internet advances into the realm of Web3, a new era of decentralization emerges, accompanied by a range of security considerations. While the early stages of Web3 have witnessed significant...
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Cybersecurity Trends

2023 Gcc Cybersecurity Landscape: Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats With These Insights

Cybersecurity continues to evolve, and so does the 2023 GCC cybersecurity landscape. With the growing number of cyber threats and the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, it’s...
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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Crypto in 2024

The crypto investment craze is gaining momentum and spreading like wildfire. It is becoming increasingly popular and driving investors from every part of society. The cryptocurrency market cap has surpassed...
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The Inevitability Of Cryptocurrency In Iraq

Cryptocurrency emerged from the ashes of a banking collapse and global recession. The financial crisis and the centralized government had created several difficulties, and the only suggested solution was cryptocurrency....
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