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Blockchain Service Providers

Leading Blockchain Service Providers of 2024

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

As companies increasingly embrace blockchain technology, they often turn to blockchain service providers when they lack the necessary on-premises computing resources to support large-scale applications. By opting for blockchain as a service (BaaS ), businesses gain access to a hosted blockchain tool that allows them to build applications seamlessly. Blockchain service providers are preparing the groundwork for the upcoming era of Web3 applications. Their expertise and offerings simplify the development process of decentralized applications, enabling teams to launch their products quickly and effectively. Here are some leading blockchain service providers to look out for.

Top 2024 Blockchain Service Providers

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a company owned by Amazon, which is a large online retail corporation. The AWS flagship enterprise blockchain solution is the Amazon Managed Blockchain. AWS is a major player in the BaaS industry. They use Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric to create adaptable private blockchain frameworks for businesses. This helps them incorporate Web3 capabilities. The Amazon Managed Blockchain service simplifies the process for businesses to link with blockchain nodes and handle confidential information on the chain.


BlockApps aims to enhance the reliability as well as efficiency of digital transactions by establishing secure and interconnected information systems that replicate the trustworthiness of in-person interactions. This is a Blockchain-powered platform that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage enterprise-level blockchain apps. In 2015, BlockApps became the first company incubated out of Consensys. Since then, they have come up with various industry innovations, including a powerful Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform called STRATO. This platform is known for being user-friendly and highly effective.


Chainalysis is a company that has been working with blockchain software for a long time. The company offers top-notch analytics tools that help financial institutions and government agencies use blockchain technology. Chainalysis helps organizations monitor on-chain transactions and develop solutions to prevent the use of crypto for illicit purposes.


Blockstream offers blockchain as a Service (BaaS). They focus on creating financial infrastructure using the Bitcoin blockchain. The company’s goal is to create advanced and reliable technologies that can easily expand, which will inspire businesses to develop applications using Bitcoin. Many companies that offer BaaS concentrate on Ethereum as a platform for creating smart contracts and dapps. However, Blockstream advocates for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as feasible options for constructing financial applications that are decentralized and protect user privacy.


Moralis is a well-known provider of Web3 infrastructure. It is a popular choice among leading development teams for speeding up creativity and fast-tracking the release of dapps. Notable users include MetaMask, Delta, and Polygon. With Moralis, developers can easily access various on-chain data such as token data, NFT metadata, and more. The Moralis Web3 API is well-suited for enterprise requirements due to its high scalability.


Companies can get the most out of blockchain by working with the best blockchain service providers. In a digital world that is changing quickly, businesses can thrive by making development easier, improving security, and streamlining operations.

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