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Fraktiq’s Blockchain Innovation: Pioneering MENA’s NFT Revolution

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

With the global surge in blockchain technology, the MENA region is poised to embrace this ground-breaking innovation. One area of particular interest is the emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the fusion of physical and digital realms known as ‘phygital’ applications. Cultural, artistic, and collectible sectors are experiencing recognition as blockchain technology revolutionizes their traditional practices. In MENA, there is a noticeable rise in demand for services that leverage blockchain technology to convert physical collectibles into NFTs, amplifying their circulation, collection, and promotion.

Fraktiq: Revolutionizing Collectibles with Blockchain Innovation

Fraktiq is at the forefront of blockchain technology to transform the collectibles market. With a focus on NFTs and the convergence of the physical and digital realms, Fraktiq revolutionizes physical collectible trading on the blockchain. By fragmenting ownership, Fraktiq expands market accessibility and enhances collector and investor appeal. Since its establishment in 2021, Fraktiq has emerged as a formidable presence in Hong Kong and Dubai. The company has successfully provided tech consulting and tailored solutions to a diverse range of clients while obtaining the coveted DMCC license in Dubai. Fraktiq is committed to delivering exceptional and globally recognized services, capitalizing on the vibrant markets and international prominence of Hong Kong and Dubai.

Expanding Business Scope: Fraktiq’s Refined Blockchain Services

Fraktiq is dedicated to helping clients digitize and circulate their collections using state-of-the-art blockchain technology and customized service solutions. As an active participant in the cultural and artistic sector, Fraktiq deeply understands the importance of promoting cultural heritage. By offering specialized blockchain solutions for collectibles, Fraktiq facilitates wider dissemination channels for diverse cultures, histories, and the arts. These innovative solutions enable seamless access and engagement with valuable cultural artifacts, fostering deeper appreciation and connection for enthusiasts worldwide.

Pioneering the Future of Asset-backed NFTs

Fraktiq is dedicated to refining its technology and solidifying its industry leadership, aiming to establish itself as a trusted source of high-value, asset-based NFTs. Central to their growth strategy is LuxeVault, an innovative e-marketplace designed exclusively for asset-backed NFTs, poised to revolutionize global collectibles trading. LuxeVault is set to redefine the market, offering unique features like real-time valuation for accurate appraisals of asset-backed NFTs, enabling users to make informed trading decisions.

With a robust verification process, LuxeVault ensures the legitimacy of listed NFTs by leveraging the blockchain’s immutability as proof of asset ownership. Security is prioritized through advanced measures, utilizing the blockchain’s inherent security to safeguard transactions. Fraktiq envisions LuxeVault as a catalyst, merging the physical and digital worlds. It democratizes access to valuable assets and leads the way in the future of the NFT market’s phygital revolution.

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