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Blockchain and Humanitarian Aid in Saudi Arabia

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Hamza Khan

Many countries offer humanitarian aid to communities and even countries. Humanitarian aid constitutes a significant part of Saudi Arabia’s overall assistance efforts. The country’s humanitarian aid is managed by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief).

Humanitarian Aid in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia holds a leading role in humanitarianism globally. The country recognizes the importance of alleviating human suffering and ensuring proper living conditions for all individuals. Saudi Arabia formed the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre.

The center’s activities prioritize careful monitoring of aid and the coordinated transportation of assistance through trusted channels, including UN agencies and local and international non-profit organizations in recipient countries. 

What Can Blockchain Do to Humanitarian Aid in Saudi Arabia?


Transparency is one major issue with humanitarian aid across the world. Once an entity or country donates to a worthy cause, it can sometimes be hard to see how exactly the donated funds and resources are used. It is very easy to misappropriate these funds as accountability might not be needed. 

Blockchain technology enables the tracking of funds contributed by private donors, governments, or NGOs in Saudi Arabia. The technology records all transactions and activities on a distributed ledger. The public or important stakeholders have easy access to this information. 

Cost Reduction

A blockchain humanitarian aid system reduces transaction costs. In this type of system, Saudi Arabian donors can access the benefactors directly. There will be no need for middlemen. Blockchain streamlines coordination and procedures. It reduces transaction costs in no time. If Saudi Arabia is donating to a cause outside of the country, the country does not have to deal with financial institutions. Normally, these institutions can increase transaction costs.  

Multiple Fund Sources

Blockchain offers benefactors of Saudi Arabia humanitarian aid to source funds from different places. If cash transfers are needed to aid poverty alleviation, blockchain is a great avenue for crowdfunding.

Fraud Reduction

Blockchain technology provides a way to reduce fraud in humanitarian aid. The technology stores all the necessary information on a tamper-proof system. This system reduces fraud and prevents financial aid from being misappropriated by corrupt people or systems. Once donors can see that the systems can prevent fraud and misappropriation, it can instill confidence in hesitant donors and humanitarian agencies.

Digital Identity for Refugees and Displaced Persons

In this age and time, it is very easy to lie to need funds and deceive people. Blockchain technology helps to create identity management systems. The technology can provide refugees and displaced persons in Saudi Arabia with secure digital identities that are verifiable and tamper-proof. These digital identities can facilitate access to essential services, such as healthcare, education, and financial assistance. Simultaneously, it preserves the privacy and dignity of individuals.

Final Words

Blockchain technology brings numerous benefits to humanitarian aid in Saudi Arabia. Some of these benefits include transparency, fraud reduction, cost reduction, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Funds Humanitarian Aid?

Individuals, corporate bodies, and the government fund humanitarian aid

How do I receive donations in crypto?

You can receive donations in crypto using crypto exchanges.

Can I Donate in Crypto?

Yes, you can donate in crypto.

How do I give Crypto to Charity?

You can give crypto to charity through different online crypto donation platforms.

Which Country gives the most Humanitarian Aid?

The United States of America gives the most humanitarian aid.

Which country receives the most Humanitarian Aid?

War-torn countries and developing countries usually receive the most humanitarian aid.

Which country is the largest Donor of Humanitarian Aid Worldwide?

The United States remain the largest donor globally

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