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Binance Expresses Optimism Regarding Potential Cryptocurrency Regulations In Saudi Arabia In 2024

Amid ongoing cryptocurrency discussions within Saudi Arabia’s government bodies, Binance’s Head of Development, Bandar AlTunisi, is optimistic about the potential emergence of “high-level” digital currency regulations in 2024. Fueled by...
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Top 5 Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare in the Middle East  

Since Bitcoin was released, blockchain has been touted as one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st Century. However, blockchain is much more than crypto’s enabling technology. Global stakeholders...
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Blockchain in Trade Finance 

Since blockchain technology came into the mainstream, we have seen many industries adopt the technology to solve problems and make processes easier. The technology has completely transformed businesses, especially those...
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DeFi Lending Protocol

Leading DeFi Lending Protocols Revolutionising Real-World Asset Financing

Decentralized finance (DeFi) involves a type of financial services that run on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional financial services that operate under the control of centralized authorities such as banks, DeFi...
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Coinbase charges

All You Need To Know About The Charges Against Coinbase

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has always served as a watchdog on the crypto industry. It ensures investor protection, legal certainty, and market stability within the crypto industry. They...
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How Ripple is expanding operations in the UAE

Although the long-running dispute between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not yet been resolved, this is not stopping the blockchain company from concentrating on its expansion....
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blockchain for government services

Blockchain for Government Services: A Secure and Transparent Future

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, governments worldwide are actively exploring innovative solutions to modernize their services and enhance public trust. One technology that has gained significant attention is blockchain....
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bitcoin mining

Marathon Digital teams up with Zero Two to build a Bitcoin mining facility in Abu Dhabi 

Marathon Digital recently announced its collaboration with Zero Two to create a large-scale immersion Bitcoin mining facility in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund and bitcoin miner Marathon Digital (MARA)...
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Coinbase One

Coinbase One Introduces Exciting Upgrades: Zero Trading Fees and Enhanced Staking Rewards

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently announced updates to its premium membership service, Coinbase One, with many new features. The most notable change is eliminating trading fees and increasing staking rewards for site...
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Russia vs Ukraine

The Role of Cryptocurrency in financing invasions, Russia vs Ukraine 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, cryptocurrencies have frequently been in the news, with demand for the always-volatile bitcoin in Russia and other countries. Both countries have adopted cryptocurrencies as an asset...
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