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Saudi Arabia Joins CBDC Project, mBridge.

The Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements recently announced that Saudi Arabia’s central bank has officially joined the central bank digital currencies (CBDC) project, mBridge. mBridge is a cross-border experiment with...
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How blockchain can transform the region - Ola Lind

How Blockchain Can Transform the Region

– Ola Lind, Chief Strategy Officer of Future FinTech Group Researchers and practitioners have shown that the advantages of blockchain and distributed ledgers extend beyond cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The technology,...
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Blockchain: Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds

Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds

Since the inception of the blockchain, it has undergone a series of strategic development. It has also spurred the creation of other platforms, one of which is the Metaverse virtual...
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Hash graph v. Blockchain – Understanding the Difference

Hash Graph VS Blockchain – Understanding the Difference

The proliferation of technology and data has brought about the need to ensure a water-tight mechanism for recording transactions. This need has made the world shift its gaze to Distributed Ledgers...
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The Importance And Relevance Of Blockchain Technology In Governance

The Importance And Relevance Of Blockchain Technology In Governance

Blockchain has the power to disrupt governance operations by presenting innovative approaches to data management and structuring workflows. Several corporations have been exploring this technological innovation in a diverse variety...
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6 Industries That Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt

As you may be aware, blockchain is rapidly gaining popularity. However, technology is also beginning to question commercial practices. In reality, several sectors are discovering that blockchain technology is superior...
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The Inevitability Of Cryptocurrency In Iraq

Cryptocurrency emerged from the ashes of a banking collapse and global recession. The financial crisis and the centralized government had created several difficulties, and the only suggested solution was cryptocurrency....
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Why Decentralized finance in Asia should be driven by blockchain

Why Decentralized finance in Asia should be driven by blockchain?  

For many people, the mention of Asia triggers a presumption of technical competence— and rightfully so. The continent’s abundance of digital skills has been reinforced over the past decade. However,...
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Privacy Coin Verge Has Its Twitter Hacked and Developer Doxed

With the long awaited geth 1.5 (“let there bee light”) release, Swarm made it into the official go-ethereum release as an experimental feature. The current version of the code is...
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