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Uncovering the Threat of Centralized RPC Nodes in Web3

Web3 uses blockchain technology to create user-owned decentralized networks in place of centralized institutions. Although at the center, there is a goal of decentralization, we find that a few centralized...
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5 Blockchain Trends to Expect in 2024

There is no doubt that blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technological developments of the 21st Century. The underlying infrastructure of blockchain was revolutionary because of its security. Blockchain...
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Arbitrum One Achieves Milestone: First Ethereum Layer 2 Network to Surpass $10 Billion Total Value Locked (TVL)

In the last weeks, Arbitrum One’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has increased by an astounding 15.9%, making it the first Layer 2 (L2) network to cross the $10 billion TVL...
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Gamma Strategies DeFi Protocol Reveals Vulnerability Post Initial Probe 

A vulnerability caused by an exploit cost Gamma Strategies, a Decentralized Finance protocol developed on the Ethereum blockchain, almost $3.4 million. Following the incident, the protocol moved quickly to stop...
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Blockchain Firm

Middle Eastern Prominent Blockchain Firms

The Middle East region remains a central hub and area for Web3 and blockchain technologies. The region continues to play a huge role in these technologies adoption. The Middle East...
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_Remote Work In The Blockchain Industry

7 Blockchain Companies Hiring Remote Workers From The Middle East

The blockchain sector has transcended geographical boundaries because of its constantly growing influence and innovation. Many blockchain businesses are actively looking for remote employees from the Middle East to join...
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Scaling Solutions For ETH.

Top Ethereum Layer 2 Projects in 2023: Scaling Solutions for ETH:

Layer 2 protocols in the Ethereum ecosystem serve as remedies for the scalability challenges the primary Ethereum blockchain faces. Due to their close ties to Ethereum’s Layer 1 blockchain, these...
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Polygon Bridge

Exploring the Concept of a Polygon Bridge: What Does It Do?

Blockchain technology has transformed numerous industries and completely changed how we view established processes. A leading blockchain platform, Ethereum, has been at the forefront of this change. However, the Ethereum...
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digital currencies

Top 5 Blockchain Trends to Discover in 2024

Despite what most people believe, blockchain is currently used in more applications than cryptocurrency. Numerous sectors are enthusiastically adopting this invention. Blockchain has previously been used in supply chains, healthcare,...
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Open-Source Protocol

Understanding The Graph: How Does It Work?

Blockchain technology is altering the way we think about data storage and transactions in the digital world. The Graph stands out as a vital element that is essential to the...
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