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8 Major Blockchain IOT Companies You Should Know

8 Major Blockchain IOT Companies You Should Know

Last Updated on February 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

The Internet-of-Things, also known as IoT, is one of the most exciting tech innovations of the past few decades. IoT is a generalized term for the technology that allows smart devices to communicate with one another. The IoT industry was initially focused on household devices such as smart speakers, TVs, lighting, and phones. Recently, a couple of innovative companies have emerged in the industry. These companies are driving IoT adoption with various interesting use cases of the tech.

Here are some of the key blockchain IoT companies you absolutely should know about:

8 Major Blockchain IOT Companies


Helium is the first decentralized machine network in the world. The company uses blockchain to connect low-powered IoT devices to the internet. This blockchain-based tech leverages radio technology to strengthen internet connection. This way, the various smart devices can run more efficiently and require less energy. The company recently completed its first successful blockchain transaction.


Chronicled provides an end-to-end supply chain solution. Interestingly, this solution is based on a combination of blockchain and IoT technologies. While blockchain allows stakeholders to monitor the supply process, the IoT-enabled shipping containers can provide real-time updates. This makes it possible to automatically record a comprehensive supply chain of events for future reference.


ArcTouch develops and builds blockchain-based software for smart devices. The software works for a range connect items like smart TVs and wearables. The company also provides personalized, decentralized apps (DApps) that can link to IoT devices and provide an extra layer of security.


Filament develops hardware and software that seamlessly integrate with IoT devices. These hardware and software products are blockchain-based. This strengthens data security on IoT devices used across various industries. The ecosystem also provides for faster communication between IoT devices.


NetObjex’s product is a standardized and decentralized mechanism that allows IoT devices to communicate with one another. In addition, the company provides a secure digital platform, through its blockchain-enabled IoToken, for smart devices to interact and communicate. NetObjex’s IoToken can also facilitate seamless communication among devices across different industries.


HYPR is a New York-based company that provides decentralized networks to secure connected ATMs, cars, locks, and homes. The company provides an extra layer of cybersecurity by storing biometric logins on its blockchain. In addition, the company secures and decentralizes essential information.

Xage Security

Xage Security is the world’s first blockchain-based security platform for IoT. The company focuses mainly on agriculture, energy, transportation, and utilities. The Xage platform secures IoT devices by making them tamper-proof and providing secure lines of communication between smart objects. The company has a suite of decentralized IoT applications that serve various purposes.


Grid+ allows customers to access energy-saving IoT devices using the Ethereum blockchain. The way this works is that a company agent buys and sells electricity on behalf of a customer. The Grid+ app then provides up-to-date information about energy usage. Similarly, the company’s smart meter wirelessly connects to energy-saving smart devices.

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