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A Glimpse Into The Metaverse

A Glimpse Into The Metaverse: Dubai Burger Joint Pickl Released Its First Sneak-Peek Virtual Tour

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Hamza Khan

You will have a hard time finding a sector that isn’t exploring the possibilities presented by the metaverse, whether it’s destined to alter our daily lives or our professional practices. Consuming food is one activity that cannot be done with digital devices or technologies. However, this has not stopped the food industry from heading into the metaverse. As metaverse technologies evolve, so will food and drink consumption, from meeting new people while drinking in a VR café to eating at a restaurant without leaving the house.

The Dubai eatery has now joined the metaverse bandwagon, enabling clients in the United Arab Emirates to order food items in virtual space and have them fulfilled in the real world. Pickl, a virtual burger restaurant, has revealed photos of its digital interior to give online burger fans a glimpse of what they may expect. The Meta Restaurant looks and feels much like the chain’s several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Regarding the finer points of dining, the Pickle Meta Restaurant is an exact reproduction of the authentic eatery. The soon-to-open virtual cafe is decked out in pink and ready to greet regulars and new guests from all over the world. The 2,000 square foot space will include brand-exclusive games, virtual clothes, and Pickl-inspired non-fungible tokens (NFTs) redeemable for tangible goods or virtual goods to further personalize an avatar. The metaverse greatly expands possibilities for interacting with and selling to clients. As a result, the potential reward is substantially higher; this technology has the power to revolutionize anything from product marketing to staff training.

  • Deliveries Go Virtual With Pickl

Matching the brand’s lofty goals, Pickl will enter the digital realm of ordering food and delivery. Delivery riders will be assigned their own section of the restaurant, so customers living in the United Arab Emirates may order food in the virtual environment and have it brought to them in reality. The storyline for the Meta Restaurant will mirror the one established by the brand based on its values. This is the same story that helped them win “Best Burger Restaurant” at the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2022, making them a premier burger spot in the emirate.

  • A Considerably Larger Opportunity Window: The Food Industry Can Capitalize On The Metaverse

As the metaverse has gained in popularity, food service companies have begun to recognize the sales and promotional opportunities it presents. Sixty-six percent of CEOs surveyed by PwC said their firms had a strong foothold in the virtual world. Of those polled, 82% stated they wanted to incorporate metaverse planning into their businesses in the next three years. Several fast food chains have leveraged the metaverse as part of their marketing tactics, including Chipotle with the launch of a virtual shop, McDonald’s with a metaverse Lunar New Year celebration, and Miller Lite with a proposed metaverse bar for Super Bowl LVI.

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