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Arbitrum One Achieves Milestone: First Ethereum Layer 2 Network to Surpass $10 Billion Total Value Locked (TVL)

In the last weeks, Arbitrum One’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has increased by an astounding 15.9%, making it the first Layer 2 (L2) network to cross the $10 billion TVL...
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blockchain tokens

Elevate Your Portfolio: Investing in the Finest Layer 2 Blockchain Tokens of 2023

As the crypto market gears up for its anticipated bull phase, Ethereum’s main net transactions risk becoming prohibitively expensive—a situation that resonates with those who might have missed the early...
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DeFi Lending Protocol

Leading DeFi Lending Protocols Revolutionising Real-World Asset Financing

Decentralized finance (DeFi) involves a type of financial services that run on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional financial services that operate under the control of centralized authorities such as banks, DeFi...
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why blockchain is the future

Why Blockchain Is The Future: Agile Dynamics Reveals Blockchain Applications And Potentials In Emerging Countries

Let’s see why blockchain is the future?Agile Dynamics, a distinguished research-based consultancy specializing in digital transformation, has recently published an insightful paper titled “Embrace Disruption: Unleashing the Potential of Blockchain.”...
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