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How blockchain can transform the region - Ola Lind

How Blockchain Can Transform the Region

– Ola Lind, Chief Strategy Officer of Future FinTech Group Researchers and practitioners have shown that the advantages of blockchain and distributed ledgers extend beyond cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The technology,...
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Blockchain: Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds

Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds

Since the inception of the blockchain, it has undergone a series of strategic development. It has also spurred the creation of other platforms, one of which is the Metaverse virtual...
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A Blockchain Solution: Saving The World-Fixing Waste Management And Recycling

A Blockchain Solution: Saving The World, Fixing Waste Management, And Recycling

Lakes and landfills have long been contaminated with plastic litter that is difficult to decompose due to ineffective waste management systems. It is horrifyingly disturbing how much rubbish there is...
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Binance to Adopt a Phased Approach to Launching Products and Services in Dubai

Binance plans to collaborate with policymakers in the UAE to build a regulatory framework as it appears to adopt a phased approach. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange will initially sell...
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A Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency: 4 Things You May Not Know

Today, cryptocurrency investments have been designated a get-rich-quick scheme. Nonetheless, there is much more to crypto investments than simply getting rich overnight. Investing in cryptocurrency means buying a digital currency...
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