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North Africa

Bitpanda acquires 500k new users across MENA in Q2

In the rapidly evolving financial technology landscape, Bitpanda has made significant strides. The platform, known for its user-friendly approach to digital assets and financial services, recently announced an impressive milestone:...
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Custody Provider Liminal Gets Approval in Abu Dhabi

Liminal, a Singapore-based custody services provider, achieved a significant milestone in its international expansion with regulatory approval in Abu Dhabi. According to representatives interviewed by CoinDesk, the firm’s subsidiary, First...
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Metaverse industry

Exploring Metaverse Opportunities: How the Metaverse Could Bring $80bn to the Middle East

The metaverse industry, a burgeoning digital frontier, is making waves across various sectors. It is transforming the way we learn, shop, play, and even manage our health. A recent Deloitte...
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Climate Change in MENA

Top Ways for the Sustainable Use of Blockchain in MENA’s Climate Change Reduction

One of the things the Middle East and North Africa region is famed for is its housing of some of the world’s largest oil producers and oil reserves. Ironically, it is also...
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Blockchain Technology

How Blockchain Technology Empowers Middle Eastern Small Businesses

Blockchain technology is currently one of the most prominent technologies. It is at the center of national, international, and corporate policy discussions. This is unsurprising, as blockchain technology provides truly...
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Blockchain Technology

Threats to Blockchain Adoption in the Middle East

The adoption of blockchain technology has significantly increased in recent years. Many countries have realized the utility of blockchain, especially as a financial tool. The Middle East is not left...
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Blockchain_ Blockchain Use Cases in MENA 2023

Blockchain Use Cases in MENA 2024

The Middle East and Africa (MENA) region’s financial and banking professionals are more interested in blockchain technology than their counterparts in other areas, according to the most recent State of...
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Promoting Blockchain Developments In The Middle East Crypto Oasis Will Fuel Blockchain Growth In The Region

Promoting Blockchain Developments In The Middle East: Crypto Oasis Will Fuel Blockchain Growth In The Region

Undoubtedly, blockchain is the most significant tech development of the Internet Age. Companies are making more use of distributed ledger technologies. It’s a significant force behind new technologies that will...
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blockchain leader in Middle East

5 Influential Blockchain Leaders in Middle East

No doubt, Middle East blockchain leaders are quite critical as adoption in the region continues to rise. While blockchain technology is still developing throughout the majority of the Middle East,...
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Privacy Coins: A Guide to Understanding What They Are and Examples

When the first cryptocurrencies were created, their underlying goal was to solve certain problems that plagued traditional fiat currencies and banking systems. A major problem was the cumbersome cross-border payment...
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