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Crypto Mining

Abu Dhabi Prohibits Cryptocurrency Mining Operations on Farms

The UAE’s Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) recently released a new advisory prohibiting using farms for cryptocurrency mining. Here is what the authorities recently announced about crypto...
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Is Bitcoin Inherently Bad for The Environment?

Bitcoin has climbed from obscurity to the ninth most valuable digital asset in the world by market capitalization in a little more than a decade. The explosive growth of digital...
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Cryptocurrency is Changing the Face of Employment in the Middle East

Over the past years, the unemployment rate has increased globally. So many people are going out of jobs in seconds, and the economic system keeps getting worse. Currently, in the...
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Detailed Guide to Crypto Mining - Blockchain News UAE

Detailed Guide to Crypto Mining

The only way to acquire cryptocurrency for most people is by purchasing some with cash. However, there are other ways you can own cryptocurrency. One of such ways is to...
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