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How to Select a Good Blockchain Developer in the Middle East for Your Project

How to Select a Good Blockchain Developer in the Middle East for Your Project

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

Many factors come into play while developing a blockchain project. However, there is a need to confirm that the project is entrusted to capable hands. This way, you can be sure that your project will be the best quality possible. One way to guarantee this quality is by engaging expert blockchain developers.

Here, we will discuss the necessary factors to consider in choosing a capable blockchain developer for your project.

Choosing a Good Blockchain Developer in the Middle East

Blockchain technology has gained ground in the Middle East in the past few years. Private companies and government entities are integrating blockchain technology at a higher pace, and this has created significant demand for blockchain developers. Expectedly, many Middle Eastern blockchain developers have emerged to meet the demand. However, you need to be able to determine a blockchain developer that is suitable for your project. Some factors you can consider in determining this include the following:

Familiarisation with Blockchain Architecture:

In choosing a blockchain developer in the Middle East, ensure that the developer has a sizeable portfolio of blockchain projects. This is because a robust portfolio indicates that the developer has engaged in numerous blockchain projects and understands the intricacies of the blockchain network.

Knowledge of Programming Languages:

Numerous programming languages are deployed to build blockchain projects. Each language has its pros and cons. For instance, C++ is arguably the most popular blockchain programming language. It has been used to create blockchain projects like Bitcoin and Ripple. It also has features like code isolation and polymorphism, which significantly contribute to the viability of the blockchain network. Thus, choosing a blockchain developer proficient in at least two programming languages is advisable.

Proficiency in Blockchain Cryptography:

Blockchain cryptography refers to the mechanisms deployed to ensure the security and anonymity of transactions. Common cryptography methods in blockchain include hashing and digital signatures. These mechanisms are critical to the viability of a blockchain project, and your blockchain developer must be proficient in each of them. While seeking out a developer, asking questions about cryptography deployment would be helpful. This way, you can assess their understanding of the security mechanisms for your project.

Smart Contract Deployment:

Smart contracts are contracts that are automatically executed without the need for intermediaries. These self-executing contracts are critical to blockchain networks because they facilitate trustless transactions and reduce execution costs. Thus, your blockchain developer must be adequately skilled in smart contract programming languages like Solidity and Vyper. They must also understand the value propositions of the programming languages. For instance, one of the primary features of Vyper’s smart contract code is that readers can easily understand it with minimal programming experience. An appropriate blockchain developer would ask for details on your project and suggest a programming language suitable to execute your desired features.


Apart from the core technical capabilities that a good blockchain developer must possess, you must also look out for behavioural tendencies. A good blockchain developer must be proficient but also patient and open to corrections. This way, you can be guaranteed that you will have a good working experience with the developer.

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