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Etisalat Aims to Automate HR Functions With Blockchain Technology

Etisalat Aims to Automate HR Functions With Blockchain Technology

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Ameer Hamza

The hype around blockchain-based human resources management systems has been growing steadily. Some people in human resources find blockchain to be a bit baffling, while others see it as a lifesaver. However, blockchain technology already exists and is rapidly expanding. Although blockchain has not yet had much of an impact on human resources, it has the potential to impact the industry significantly. Blockchain technology can be used to simplify payroll by streamlining and protecting payments to workers, contractors, and suppliers.

Etisalat has made history by becoming the first operator in the Middle East to implement advanced blockchain technology in its human resources department. With this system, the company can guarantee that no changes will be made to any employee’s HR correspondence and that no information will be altered. Etisalat’s HR departments are undergoing digital transformations to increase employee autonomy, improve customer service, and strengthen data security.

Blockchain’s Disruptive Potential In Human Resources

There are numerous monotonous tasks that HR managers do on a daily basis that may be vastly improved with the help of blockchain technology. Payroll, personnel data, recruitment, and contract administration are just some of the operations that may be automated to free up managers’ time for more strategic endeavors. Human resources could validate employee information in a matter of hours or minutes instead of days, cutting down on expenses and improving efficiency.

Etisalat Embraces Innovative Technologies Throughout Its Operations

Etisalat wants to empower staff, improve customer experience, and boost security. The blockchain initiative, developed in collaboration with, will enable workers to produce, obtain, and use credentials without restriction or human interference at any time of day or night. In addition, credential verifiers will no longer need manual intervention. The company has implemented blockchain initiatives for both public and private entities.

Using RPA In Personnel Operations

The Etisalat Human Resources department has introduced a chatbot, the HR Virtual Assistant, which is stocked with answers to frequently asked questions and information about HR practices. Etisalat claims that the HR Virtual Assistant will significantly upgrade in its next iteration, making it more user-friendly for all of the company’s workers. Additionally, the company has used RPA throughout HR, which has helped its human resource department to optimize several operations. Robotic Process Automation’s many uses are vetting applications for jobs, internships, travel reimbursements, and even sick leaves.

Etisalat Presents A New Era Of Employment In The Middle East

While technology has the potential to revolutionize human resources operations, it also has the possibility to radically alter workforces by improving things like transparency, security, and the availability of necessary skills. The blockchain system will not only boost HR’s ability to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. However, it will also enable the HR department to confirm the credentials of potential hires, process international payments, and facilitate employee relocation. Etisalat’s human resources department is committed to bringing the company into the digital era to improve staff independence, employee engagement, and Etisalat’s efficiency.

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