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Best Free Courses To Learn Blockchain Development In 2024

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Ameer Hamza


Whether you are a novice or not, knowing about blockchain technology can open up a world of possibilities. However, in today’s fast-changing technological scene, staying current and armed with the most up-to-date information is critical. In this article, we explore the leading free courses accessible in 2024 to help you learn about blockchain development. These free courses are excellent options for getting started with Blockchain.

Top Free Blockchain Development Courses

Blockchain Theory 101

By taking this blockchain course, you will learn about blockchain technology’s fundamental concepts and possible uses. This course aims to provide executives, strategists, CTOs, IT professionals, developers, and other interested parties with an overview of blockchain technology. The topics covered in the course include mining, consensus algorithms, smart property, and smart contracts. The course covers the present state of blockchain technology and its possible uses in various fields such as Financial Services, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, and IoT. Melanie Swan is the instructor for the course. She possesses a strong understanding of Blockchain and has authored a published book titled “Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy.”

Blockchain Basics by Coursera

The initial course in this Blockchain specialization covers the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology. It begins by examining the Bitcoin protocol and then moves on to the Ethereum protocol. The course provides a detailed deep dive into the technology which is necessary for creating applications and programming. At the end of this program, you should have the necessary knowledge to perform various tasks on your personal Ethereum blockchain. These tasks include creating nodes, accounts, and unlocking accounts. You will also learn how to mine, transact, transfer Ethers, and check balances. By taking this course, learners can identify the fundamental principles of Blockchain and use them in programming for the Blockchain. The program is offered by the State University of New York and the University at Buffalo.

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

The “Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals” free online course is one of the numerous tools designed for beginners looking to establish a career in the blockchain field. The free blockchain course aims to help novices understand the basics of blockchain technology, its operation, and its significance in advancing their career pursuits. The main goal of this free blockchain course is to help people access the blockchain ecosystem. The course will provide beginners with the tools and educational materials they need to begin taking advantage of new career opportunities in the blockchain industry. This includes interactive exercises to help facilitate learning.


From grasping the basics to exploring decentralized applications and smart contracts, these courses will equip you with the tools to unlock blockchain technology’s full potential. Remember, the blockchain landscape is evolving rapidly, so it’s essential to stay updated and continuously expand your knowledge. Harnessing the power of blockchain development can lead to a world of innovation and exciting opportunities.

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