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Jordan’s Blockchain Strategy For Sustainable Development

By adopting blockchain technology, Jordan is advancing sustainable development. This essay will examine the main points of Jordan’s blockchain strategy, clarify its objectives, and examine actual cases that highlight how it promotes sustainability. Jordan’s Perspective on Integrating Blockchain The government of Jordan plans to use blockchain technology to advance sustainable development programs. The strategy seeks […]

Binance Expresses Optimism Regarding Potential Cryptocurrency Regulations In Saudi Arabia In 2024

Amid ongoing cryptocurrency discussions within Saudi Arabia’s government bodies, Binance’s Head of Development, Bandar AlTunisi, is optimistic about the potential emergence of “high-level” digital currency regulations in 2024. Fueled by a 12% year-on-year growth in crypto transactions, reaching $31 billion in July 2023, AlTunisi anticipates swift regulatory action in the dynamic Saudi market.  Navigating Growth […]

5 Ways Blockchain Has Promoted Digital Currency Initiatives In UAE

Blockchain technology has become a driving force in transforming digital currency initiatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Widespread adoption is fueled by improved security, smooth cross-border transactions, and government-backed initiatives. Key ways blockchain has significantly promoted adoption of digital currencies in the UAE. Increased Security and Trust The decentralised structure of blockchain guarantees increased […]

Blockchain Solutions in Carbon Emission Tracking in UAE

Carbon emissions releases contributes to environmental changes that pose significant health risks for humans. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, carbon dioxide accounts for more than 80 percent of emitted greenhouse gases.  Benefits of Applying Blockchain to CO2 Emissions Mitigate Carbon Emissions by Elevating Carbon Trading Efficiency Blockchain technology offers a suitable system for […]

The Potentials of Blockchain in the Oil and Gas Industry

Blockchain technology has provided solutions in various industries, and the oil and gas industry is no different. This technology can improve efficiency, transparency, and security. Why Blockchain in the Oil and Gas Industry Physical Commodity Trading Blockchain can improve security and decrease the time required for physical commodity trades. The current process for executing trades […]

5 Tips For Implementing Blockchain In Enterprise Solutions In The Middle East

Blockchain technology has become a disruptive force in the corporate world, offering efficiency, security, and transparency to various sectors. Businesses in the Middle East are starting to realize how blockchain technology may revolutionize their operations. Numerous advantages can result from integrating blockchain technology into enterprise applications, but careful planning and implementation are necessary.  5 Crucial […]


Time has proven that Blockchain is one of the greatest innovations of this century. It is a transparent, secured and unalterable record of transactions. It is also interesting that Blockchain technology is snowballing in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain. Yet, with the growing directory of several companies in the blockchain sector, it is […]

A Guide on Revoking Smart Contract Access

When certain requirements are fulfilled, smart contracts—which operate independently on blockchains—become legally enforceable. The question is, can they be terminated or reversed? In this article, we explore how to revoke smart contracts access. What Does It Mean When You Revoke Smart Contracts? Usually, revoking a smart contract involves disabling or terminating its functionality on a […]

Top 5 Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare in the Middle East  

Since Bitcoin was released, blockchain has been touted as one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st Century. However, blockchain is much more than crypto’s enabling technology. Global stakeholders have started to realize the numerous blockchain use cases that the technology offers.  One of the major industries that blockchain use cases can significantly impact […]