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Blockchain_ Blockchain Fork - How it Works and Why it Matters
Cryptocurrencies are usuallyĀ open source, which means the codes can be freely copied, edited, or reused. Sometimes a group of programmers come together to make a specific cryptocurrency better by implementing certain changes. So they take an existing cryptocurrency, edit the codes, and present a spin-off or newer version. When this occurs, a whole new blockchain is created with a shared history with the original chain...
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use of blockchain by the middle east government
Use of Blockchain by Middle East Government Institutions : There is wide use of blockchain by the Middle East Government Institutions to improve financial services and business even though blockchain technology is still in its infancy in the Middle East. Below we will look at the use of blockchain by the middle east government United Arab Emirates Dubai introduced the first blockchain platform approved by...
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blockchain technology
Blockchain and Web 3.0 technology has much to offer compared to old systems, including better security and transparency, reduced prices, quicker transactions, and more efficient storage space. Blockchain technology’s decentralized nature enables a smooth and secure data storage solution while eliminating the need for third-party dependency. Numerous sectors are progressively adopting blockchain-based technologies as the new norm. A rising number of industries in various are...
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Blockchain_ Blockchain Use Cases in MENA 2023
The Middle East and Africa (MENA) region’s financial and banking professionals are more interested in blockchain technology than their counterparts in other areas, according to the most recent State of the Developer NationĀ reportĀ from SlashData. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) authorities and stakeholders are working to provide the groundwork for blockchain-based enterprises, most notably by defining the rules for financial and contractual transactions. Banks...
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Blockchain_ Tokenization In Blockchain Explained
BlockchainĀ is going to change the financial world in a big way. The technology’s distributed nature, immutability, openness, and lack of a central authority have all made it possible for more people to use it. TheĀ tokenizationĀ of assets on the blockchain is an example of this. This idea has become one of the most popular uses of Blockchain technology because it makes it possible to tokenize anything...
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