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What are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

Blockchain is a new technology that is gaining significance for its multiple applications. The recent trends see an ever-increasing application of blockchain in cryptocurrency, in developing smart contracts, financial services, and a blockchain game. The future is of blockchain as multinational companies are working towards deploying blockchain technology in the food supply, precious commodities mining, providing domain names, etc.,

Cryptocurrency is one of the most important and ever-growing digital technologies which is based on blockchain technology. It is a kind of digital currency that is safe as it cannot be counterfeited. This is because the blockchain technology used by the cryptocurrency ensures that the digital ledger stores all the details of every transaction carried out by the users across the network of computers. This makes cryptocurrency foolproof to any double spend or counterfeit.

In addition, cryptocurrency technology does not require any central authority to regulate cryptocurrency transactions. As the banking systems of all the countries across the globe are not involved in this technology, there is a minimised regulation of governments in the cryptocurrency flow liberating the users to freely invest and spend cryptocurrency. The processing fees for transacting in cryptocurrency are also low when compared to the exorbitant fees collected by traditional banking institutions.

Not surprisingly, major companies are investing in blockchain technology and its future course along with cryptocurrency investments.