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Public vs Private Blockchain (1)

Key Differences Between Public And Private Blockchain:

In recent years, blockchain technology has gathered a lot of attention and is frequently linked to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Beyond digital currency, Blockchain also has other uses and a key distinction in the blockchain community is between public and private blockchains. In order to make the significant differences between these two kinds of blockchains easier […]

Polygon Bridge

Exploring the Concept of a Polygon Bridge: What Does It Do?

Blockchain technology has transformed numerous industries and completely changed how we view established processes. A leading blockchain platform, Ethereum, has been at the forefront of this change. However, the Ethereum network has struggled with issues like interoperability and scalability. In this case, the Polygon Bridge was created as a critical solution. This article will highlight […]

_green economy

The role of blockchain in UAE’s carbon credits exchange:

The United Arab Emirates has adopted blockchain technology and introduced many solutions. For instance, banks utilize an open Know Your Customer platform and several similar organizations also use the UAE Trade Connect blockchain for trade financing. To create a national system for carbon credits utilizing blockchain technology, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has […]

Crypto Traders

The Increasing Use of BTC as Margin Collateral in the Crypto Futures Trading Sector

As more and more crypto traders are using Bitcoin (BTC) as a margin in futures trading, it is unlikely that the largest cryptocurrency will ever lose its reputation as a volatile and unpredictable asset. Data monitored by Glassnode shows that since July, the portion of bitcoin futures open interest margined with bitcoin increased from about […]


Polygon Introduces an Open-Source Developer Stack for Ethereum’s ZK-Powered Layer 2 Solutions:

Polygon has introduced a Chain Development Kit, which is open-source software. This kit can be used to create various layer 2 (L2) protocols in the Ethereum environment. It also relies on zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) technology, i.e., ZK-Powered Layer 2 Solutions, to ensure security and speedy confirmation of transactions. Empowering Developers: The ZK-Powered Layer 2 Solutions […]

Web 3.0 Law

Understanding Web 3.0 Law and Its Implications for Your Business

Web 3.0 has welcomed a new era that is driving the rapid evolution of technology. In this era, the principles of decentralization and blockchain technology take center stage. However, this significant shift is not limited to technology alone; it also has a tremendous impact on the structure of the governing legal landscape. This legal framework, […]

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Research Institute Middle East: Who Are They?

Welcome to the Middle East’s future of innovation and digital transformation. We delve into blockchain technology today and the ground-breaking study being carried out at the Blockchain Research Institute. The Middle East is leading the way in embracing this technology as industries all over the world experience a digital revolution. At the Blockchain Research Institute, […]

metaverse virtual reality

Exploring The Dark Side Of Metaverse Virtual Reality – Best Ways To Protect Yourself:

The concept of the metaverse holds the potential to revolutionize our interactions and technological engagement. Nonetheless, as with any innovation, it carries its share of potential drawbacks, hazards, and crime in the metaverse. Privacy, security, and legal concerns are among the adverse aspects tied to the metaverse. An area of paramount concern within metaverse platforms […]